Lego launches limited edition clothing line for adults — but you can only buy it on Snapchat

Toymaker Lego is launching an official range of clothes for adults — but they will only be available to buy via Snapchat.

Fans of the famous brick brand will have to use a Snapcode — a QR code for Snapchat — to buy from the fashion range, available from Wednesday. When shoppers scan the code, they'll enter an augmented reality boutique, available to people in the U.S., U.K., France and Germany. Inside the virtual shop will be millennial-friendly requisites such as a DJ booth and arcade machine, and people can browse the clothes that will be displayed on Lego mannequins.

Those in London will also be able to shop via a physical store for one day only. The outlet, on Eastcastle Street in the center of the city, will be empty bar a Snapcode displayed on a plinth that they can scan to shop.

The line of Lego streetwear, which includes sweatshirts, t-shirts and caps, shows the Lego logo in a muted palette of grey, white and black. The company's social media innovation lead Lea Sandell said in a statement emailed to CNBC that the company it wanted to tap into "the sense of style and nostalgia" of millennials.

"We're an innovative, playful brand at heart and part of that is exploring new digital channels and technologies," Sandell added.

Adult Fans of Lego, or AFOL, are an important audience for the brand. In 2017, TV show "Lego Masters" attracted more than 2 million viewers per episode when it aired on U.K.'s Channel 4, while the Architecture range featuring famous buildings is also popular with AFOL.

The new adult clothing line will be produced by Kabooki under license from the Lego Group. A children's line of Legowear has been available via Kabooki since 1993 and includes a mix of clothes, outwear and accessories featuring the bricks in various forms.

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