Logitech VR Ink stylus brings fine motor control for creating in virtual reality

Logitech Ink lets you use a stylus in virtual reality. It brings fine motor control for creators in VR.
The device is called the Logitech VR Ink Pilot Edition, a seemingly oversize novelty stylus that's actually designed to help you create drawings and designs in VR.

With its VR Ink Pilot Edition, Logitech wants to get you drawing in virtual reality.

Logitech You hold it like a normal pen, gripping the two buttons on its sides with your thumb and middle fingers, and your pointing finger on a button on top. Slap a headset on your head, pick up the pen, push down with your pointing finger and just start drawing. You can trace things in 3D space, like drawing literally in air, or you can sit at a table and draw on its surface, Logitech said. And the harder you press, either on the button or on the tip of the stylus, the thicker the line.

While there are still a lot of unknowns about Logitech's device -- the company declined to give a price or a firm launch date other than to promise more information later this year -- its entry into the VR world is another indication of continued interest in VR beyond the tech set. That's good news, considering sales of VR headsets have fallen short of some people's expectations, and VR app and game makers themselves have expressed concern about how long it's taken for everyday people like you and me to buy in.

But that hasn't stopped companies from pumping out new ideas. Facebook this month released its $399 Oculus Quest headset, a device designed for the mass market by promising to run high-quality games without the need for a bunch of wires or a powerful computer to power it. Game maker Valve, meanwhile, has also jumped in, offering a new headset called the Valve Index that promises new more intuitive hand controllers and higher-quality screens. Meanwhile, companies like HP have pushed to get their headsets in front of potential business customers.

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