New app makes three-dimensional vehicle configuration possible
A dream car in your own living room: With the "Porsche Augmented Reality Visualizer App", customers can now create a photorealistic representation of their configured vehicle in the real world.
This makes Porsche the only manufacturer to give their customers the ability to examine their dream sports car and all its technical details in three dimensions. The vehicle can be configured in the familiar Web Configurator or using a 3D model in the app. Users can virtually place the configured vehicle on any surface – both inside rooms as well as outdoors.

"With our new app, the configuration of a Porsche will be even more of a digital experience," says Oliver Hoffmann, Director Marketing Communications at Porsche. "Now, before making the purchase decision, everyone can virtually park their dream Porsche in their own driveway, marvel at it in their own living room, or show a photo-realistic version to their friends."

So far the app includes three models: alongside the new Porsche 911 Carrera S and Carrera 4S, the concept study Mission E is also available. In autumn of this year, this will be replaced by the Taycan series model, the first fully electric Porsche. The entire product range is expected to be integrated into the application by the end of 2019.

Using the Porsche Code, customers can upload their configuration from the Web Configurator into the app, and look at the vehicle and all its details in the real world – regardless of where they are. Further changes to the configuration, such as the paint colour, can be made in the Augmented Reality Visualization. The app features a "highlight function" that allows customers to view technical details that are usually hidden from view. Customers can look under the chassis of the new Porsche 911, for example, and virtually experience the vehicle's powertrain.
The app is based on the design concept and technology of existing systems; workflows already used for vehicle configuration have been adopted, enhanced and optimised. The vehicles are visible in Augmented Reality on a smartphone, in the same quality as in the classic Web Configurator on a computer.
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