PWRG created educational center with augmented reality for ICAE
ICAE educational centers with augmented reality are scaled around the world with minimal cost. The goal of the project is to tell children about nuclear energy in an interesting and exciting format.
For Rosatom and ICAE centers, the Power Group team has created an interesting solution - an interactive learning center with augmented reality that scales for ICAE centers around the world. The goal of the project is to tell children about the nuclear industry in an interesting and exciting format.

To implement the installation, a special room was equipped for each of the centers, on the walls of which a special branded marker is placed to work with augmented reality technology.
The interaction with the installation is carried out with the help of tablet computers that are available to both moderator guides and children.
In the installation process, children will have to go through interesting and exciting scenarios: assemble a nuclear power plant in parts, learn its operating principles, and also about the protection systems used in modern nuclear power engineering. Then you can play the game with augmented reality and repel the attack of aliens on nuclear power plants, and then summarize it with all the knowledge about the nuclear-powered icebreaker, space ship and submarine.
ICAE educational centers are currently available not only in Russia, but also are represented abroad, for example, in the Indian city of Chennai

To open a new educational center with augmented reality, you just need to glue the wallpaper marker in the room of the required size, hang up the screen and buy tablets.
Thus, using such solutions it is possible to reduce costs when scaling educational centers with augmented reality and to make the learning process more interesting and understandable.
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