Virtual reality training for car assembly line workers feels like a game — but it might work.

HTC Vive had announced its expanded Vive Focus system for companies to use in fields like health, entertainment, automotive, aerospace, and retail.
The Volkswagen Group has teamed up with HTC Vive to create virtual training sessions for its subsidiary automakers located around the world. With the Vive Focus and its innovations, workers can practice together.
Innoactive company also uses the Vive VR system and creates software that allows customers, for example, Volkswagen, to conduct training and simulation of the working environment. The company emphasizes that the errors in virtual workouts are not stop the workflow and do not destroy expensive factory inventory. Any erroneous scenario can be reset by pressing a button and redone. Costs, except for the introduction of the system itself, are practically absent. VR curriculum is not free. Vive Focus costs $ 599 dollars for one autonomous headset, which should be used only for commercial purposes.
"Founder and CEO of Innoactive Daniel Seidl invited me to a system demonstration. Using VR headset and 6DoF controllers, I saw an interactive image with a workspace and my" virtual "gloved hands as the main interaction tool. About them from the robot assistant Ida, he explained to me what to do and which buttons to press. After passing a little training, I understood better what equipment is in the car industry. During such an experience I learned in detail but about what each machine does, how the main nodes work. The risk of injury, as during a real tour of the plant was minimal. For me it was an interesting game and practical experience, however, as a system of employee training, this is a real serious work. "

Sasha Lekach
Many companies are already using virtual reality systems in business: Raymond Corp for virtual shipment; Airbus created virtual layouts and 3D-models of aircraft. Bell Flight developed a virtual model for creating helicopters.
This system is not a panacea for automakers, but it is a great way to make employee training less costly and more interesting using game mechanics and engaging with virtual scripts.
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